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The Native Speakers department is specialized in the recruitment of international and multilingual profiles for global companies based in all Europe. Since we have a large number of consultants who come from different countries, we are able to understand international markets to the fullest and communicate with a diversity of candidates and clients in their native languages.

In the last 4 years we have become the leaders in employing multilingual profiles within Spain and we have worked with some of the most important companies on the international market. Currently we are growing and spreading our action abroad to other European countries.

Inside our business unit we have two branches:

The Native Speakers department is in constant change. To reach success and achieve an important volume of labour incorporations for our clients,  consultants need to be very flexible and adapt to the needs of the current market, candidates and the companies we work for. Just like the rest of the departments in TSP International, Native Speakers faces constant challenges from demanding clients that expect quality, quickness and efficiency.

Our clients are quite diversified, ranging from big multinationals to small and medium enterprises. We also work with any sector, specializing in international profiles by looking for qualified professionals who speak three or more languages.


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