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What is the importance of the native speakers in Spain?


More and more, European companies are betting on Spain as the center of their business, leading many of their activities in some of the main cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona. This fact, coupled with the globalization of the world economy, leads us to search for native speakers’ profiles as a way to facilitate communication with other countries.

What is the importance of the native speakers in Spain?

But how did it all start?

It is no longer enough to have "notions" of English, French, German or any other language. It’s more often that companies acquire native profiles to incorporate into their staff. Whether it is for a specific IT profile or a more generic profile such as customer service. In all of them it is very necessary the knowledge of a language ​​at native level, contributing an added value to the company.

In the case of IT or engineering profiles, requesting it is usually due to the need to communicate with suppliers or headquarters located in northern European countries. On the other hand, in the case of profiles such as customer service, this characteristic is requested, because you need to communicate with the final customer. Especially in stores located in city centers, where a large influx of tourists enter to buy. It necessary to establish a good service and experience during the buying process.

Until a few years ago, some HR consultants and some job portals detected the need for many companies to find native speakers, and added a business-specific search service to their business model.

We have assembled some of these specialized companies:

Talent Search People: A HR consultancy in Barcelona that has a unit dedicated to Native Speakers that continues on growing. This is due to the high demand of native profiles with English, German, Dutch and French, of course among many other languages.

Europe Language Jobs: A job portal specialized in offering job offers throughout Europe for multilingual speakers. It is the ideal portal for those who want to go to work outside of Spain and have the necessary linguistic requirements.

Linkedin: The professional network that is recognized worldwide. We could not write this post without mentioning it. As you know, you can find all kinds of professional profiles and see if they meet the language requirements.

Monster: It’s a worldwide job portal, especially if you are looking for a job in Spain. It is not the most suitable but, if you are looking to go anywhere in the world, in this portal you will find all kinds of offers.

There are many more that help improve the influx of professionals between neighboring countries (and those who are not so close). Undoubtedly it is an upward trend, to seek multilingualism and to get the best flow in communication between suppliers and customers all around the world.

Native speakers from around the world, this is your time!

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