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Best companies to work in Ireland


Ireland, with green landscapes, location and friendly inhabitants, has stolen the heart of many people. In addition, they have English as their first language, low taxes, and the euro as their currency. This has inspired a large number of multinational companies to establish their presence there, and encourage professionals from all over the world to work in Ireland.

It is well known that if one country provides favorable conditions for companies, it will be a suitable area to invest. That is why the biggest companies of the USA have installed their European headquarters in Ireland. In fact, most of the companies born in Palo Alto, California, have a large part of their operational centers in Ireland.

Not only has this led to the creation of a large number of job opportunities, but also motivated international professionals to want to work in Ireland at these companies that are concerned about the social benefits and welfare of their workers.

Dublin is not the only city in Ireland that has these job opportunities. There are other ones that have gained popularity because of these companies such as: Galway, Cork, Limerick and Dundalk.

In general, there are opportunities in most of the industries, but the one that has increased significantly is the technology sector with the demand of IT workers. Thanks to the tourism that is increasing day by day, the hospitality sector has been getting stronger during the last couple of years.

Some of the best-known companies that have offices in Ireland are: Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft or Apple among others. It would be a dream come true for many people to work for such dream companies. In fact, they have many benefits for their professionals to work better and be happy at work such as: gym, rest rooms, free food, games room, flexibility and autonomy, among others.

But not all the people want to work in those kinds of companies. Some professionals seek other goals and projects and give value to other type of benefits. That is why Ireland has many other companies that are not as well known as the ones that we have mentioned before, but are highly valued by their employees.
According to several studies carried out by Great Place to Work this is the ranking of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, divided by size.

Top five Best Large Workplaces in Ireland 2017
AbbVie Ireland
Vodafone Ireland Ltd

Top five Best Medium Workplaces in Ireland 2017
Irish Stock Exchange
Dun & Bradstreet
FireEye Ireland

Top four Best Small Workplaces in Ireland 2017
Radio Systems Petsafe Europe Ltd
Cadence Design Systems (Ireland) Ltd
JTI Ireland Ltd

It is clear that Ireland offers a wide variety of employment opportunities across various sectors and industries. This great country is the doorway for any professional who wants to develop his career both in multinational companies and small businesses. If you speak more than one language, you are looking for a young and dynamic environment and you love multiculturalism, you definitely have to work in Ireland.

Writen by Regina Goiria

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