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How to Write a CV to work in Germany


Germans are known for paying a lot of attention to detail and for being precise in what they do. Thus, CV’s should reflect this behavior.
Below we give you some tips regarding different CV parts: Format/ structure, Content, Personal information and References.



1. Format/ Structure
- The length should be very short and precise. One page usually is enough.

  • - On the other hand, in Germany certificates and proofs such as academic transcripts are typically required by employers. Thus, the length of the CV with attachments can be very flexible and go up to 10 pages.
  • - Be careful not to have time gaps or format mistakes because detail is very important for a German recruiter!
  • - Keep your design simple, not much colours or fonts.
  • - You should add the following sections: Personal Details, Professional Experience, Education, Voluntary Work and Computer and Language Skills.
  • 2. Content
  1. - Pay attention to spelling mistakes! For German recruiters, sometimes a simple mistake can be crucial on your selection. Thus you should ask a friend to review your CV.
  • - In Germany it is very common for young people to have a Gap Year volunteering experience. Thus if you are trying to enter in the German labor market you should definitely add your volunteering experiences to your CV.
  • - Don’t give superfluous information. Germans don’t like it when you boast about yourself, so avoid writing about how good you are. Rather, give facts and arguments to show your qualities.
  • 3. Photo and Personal Information
  1. - Germans are very strict when it comes to rules. Thus, they are very respectful regarding equal opportunity employment laws. This means that the personal data you should legally give in your CV is reduced. First and last name and address should be enough but you can add your birthdate and birthplace if you want.
  • - Similarly, the photo is not mandatory but most Germans still use it. If you use it, make sure you use the most professionallooking one you have!

  1. 4. References
  • - In Germany it’s not common to give contact references from a former employer on your CV. Rather, it’s expected to have written recommendations previously given by them.

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