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How to write a CV to work in Portugal


Unlike other countries, in Portugal you don’t have strict rules about how to write your CV. Generally, Portuguese people give a lot of importance to training and academic accomplishments. For a long time, quantity rather than quality seemed to be the trend. Nowadays, Portuguese CV’s are approaching EU standards. As a result, they now tend to be short but still informative.

In general, if you are writing a CV to work in Portugal, you have a wide range of possibilities to do it. Just don’t forget to stand out from the majority!

Format/ Structure
- The length should be no longer than 2/3 pages depending on your professional or academic experience.
- Academic or professional experience can appear first, depending on what you consider the most important for the job you are applying for.
- It’s also a plus if you add a section with information about your diplomas.

- Your main responsibilities and accomplishments should be well explained under your academic and professional experience.
- It’s important to add professional training you had during your professional experience.
- English skills are usually mandatory and it’s very common for Portuguese to speak a third language. Thus it’s very important to add your language skills in detail.

Photo and Personal Information
- You should have a picture of yourself.
- Name, Nationality, age and address are usually required.
- Contacts should include phone number and email.
- Also is very common for recruiters to ask for driving license. Thus, if you have it, you can add to your personal information.

- Portuguese CV’s don’t require references neither recommendations.
- It’s not common to check the veracity of former employers.

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