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Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts


When you are preparing for a job interview, usually your main focus is on preparing for the possible questions. Do not think that’s wrong. It’s actually very important to do so as you will be more prepared for what can come, and you will feel more comfortable and confident in your answers. If you are interested in training the top 10 questions that a recruiter might ask you, then you should read our blog about that subject.

But besides that, there are other (mostly) behavioral aspects you should pay attention to before and during the job interview, and that, in the end, might be as important as the questions. Body language can, after all, destroy or increase your chances of succeeding.

Have you ever heard about the power of a first impression? A survey founded that recruiters form opinions of job interviewers within 10 minutes or less. Keep in mind that since the first second you enter an interview, you are already under scrutiny.

Thus, there are some positive and negative behaviors to take into account during a job interview. In the infographic below you will find a job interview Dos and Don’ts. You should pay attention to them because they might save you from failing!

Infographic and text by: Joana Correia

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