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How to write a CV to work in Nordic Countries


European Nordic countries, even though they differ in their culture and habits, they are known for their proficiency in English and for their excellent education systems.
Furthermore, they are very interested in equity issues and have strong ideals against all kind of discrimination. Therefore, they don’t consider it important to add detailed personal information on their CVS.

In general, to apply for a job in one of those countries, you need to prove your skills and experience. Therefore you should attach to your CV all your diplomas and certificates. Also, job references are very important.

Get ready to create an outstanding CV to apply to Nordic country jobs with the following tips:

  1. Format/ Structure
  • - It should not be packed, instead it should be easy to read.
  • - One or two pages maximum
  • - Typically the CV is presented in the inverse chronological order, similar to what is used in the rest of European countries.
  • - It is also common to do a “competence CV” where the main focus are the skills (usually 4 or 5) that are important for the job you are applying for. Under each skill you mention you should describe your experience and give examples.  
  • - The style should be minimalist, with a few colors and with an intuitive structure. 
  • Content

- Give exact information about what you have done in each professional experience
- It’s very common to add in the beginning a profile summary with your key skills and experience preferably adapted to the job you are applying to. This applies to both Chronological and Competence CV.  

- All the CV should be adapted to the job you are applying to.

- Mention all your language skills along with diplomas you might have proving it. It’s important to have a fluent level of English since everyone has it.

- Try to mention as much as possible all your publications and demonstrations of your skills (such as certificates and diplomas)

- You can mention your extracurricular activities.

Photo and Personal Information

- You can add a photo but it’s not necessary

- Personal information is also optional. The most common is to put the first and last name and birth date only.

- In contacts you should give your address, email and telephone number.

- Only send references if you are asked to do so by the employer.

- In the references you should include the name and contact of the previous employer.

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