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How do CV’s differ from country to country


The European Union has evolved over time towards a “state like” entity with its own laws and policies. This unification has made cultural exchange more accessible between EU countries.

In general, European citizens think alike in many subjects such as education and employment.  This means that probably the process of finding a job in Greece is not that different to doing so in Norway.  Whilst on one hand this can be true, on the other we should not forget there still are considerable differences between individuals.

This differences can be seen, for instance, in the way you write your CV or in the way the recruiter expects you to behave during a job interview. Thus, if you are thinking about applying for a job abroad, there are some details you should take into account regarding your CV format and content or the personal information and references you give.

Bellow you will find tips on how to write your CV according to the country listed:




-Nordic Countries


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