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The digital nomads in the world of work


If there is one thing that is clear is that the world of work has radically changed in recent times thanks to the emergence of new technologies. Not only in terms of the tasks that are performed or how they are carried out, but also in terms of how we face them.

We have become what is known as Electronic or Digital Nomads. Having to go always to work in the same place, being available during all working hours has slipped past. It is increasingly common to be available 24 hours a day, able to connect at any time and in any place as well as a total domain of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and the different tools that are available.

This type of workers can bring many good things to companies, because they are still employees willing to work 24 hours a day anyplace. However, whether they are beneficial and successful will depend not only on them but also on the orientation offered by the company's human resources area as well as the management team.

Even though the new technologies allow you to connect 24 hours a day but it is important to make clear that except for specific moments or exceptions, work schedules must be fulfilled.

Employees must also be able to disconnect and enjoy their free time, otherwise there will be job refills that can trigger mental fatigue and hinder personal relationships and may even lead to physical wear and tear, affecting sight and different parts of the body as a result of the position in which the person works.

Therefore, this type of workers, employees dependent on technology, must learn to establish a distinction between their job and personal life, as well as to manage time and prioritize tasks. In addition, although they can work from home or from anywhere, sharing a common space, being able to communicate among colleagues without using tools such as mail or telephone, favors interpersonal relationships, which will end up favoring the work environment .

We must try to stimulate the feeling of belonging among the company's teams, especially those who work outside the office. Likewise, workers must be aware of the regulations of the company and comply with it, so human resources managers must ensure that all workers are aware of any changes that may occur as well as compliance with them.

Therefore we can say that, in front of these workers that have arisen as a consequence of the appearance of the new technologies and all the advantages that they provide to the companies (flexibility, optimization of the resources and of the time ...) the companies, and especially the departments or areas responsible for human resources, must do a strong job and reward workers them for their tasks and establish strategies for employees to feel comfortable and not overworked or pressured.

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