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Portugal, the right place to work


Portugal is one of the happiest countries in the word (according to the InterNations study). Starting with the language, Portuguese is the fifth language most spoken in the world, so for this reason, lots of people around the word would feel comfortable on the fact of working in Portugal. They enjoy a very cultural richness and life quality, it’s a super safe country with an amazing hospitality and wonderful cities like Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro ...

The education system in Portugal is one of the most valuable of the word, they count with an international university. There are lots of multinationals working in Portugal. Historically, the economic activity was based on first matter, farming and textile. Nowadays Portugal is opening to new technologies, new opportunities and new goals, so they bring constantly chances to develop a professional career. They are now basing their economic activity in the service sector, exploiting their resources and enhancing their qualities as a country.

Work in Portugal
If you are planning to go to work in Portugal you must know that it is very important to have all the permissions and bureaucratic paperwork up to date. You can include also a presentation letter explaining your motivations, academic training and how can you contribute to the enterprise. You must prepare your CV and be open to establish a reliable relation in business. Confidence is a very important point on personal and working relations in Portugal, so you must build a strong and clear link to fit in a good way with Portuguese people.

People and lifestyle
Portuguese people tend to be very hospitable and reliable. They are easy to introduce themselves into this new environment. They are very familiar but also very disciplined and professional at work.

Who does not know the wonderful Portuguese gastronomy? The culinary tradition of Portugal has its own recipes with a great reputation. They are based on two essential ingredients: chicken and cod, with more than 300 recipes. You cannot miss the typical Oporto's Francesinha or Bacalhau à Brás, and of course if you are a greedy person, the Pasteis de Nata will steal your heart.

Beach and landscapes
You just have to look at a map. Portugal has kilometers and kilometers of coast that fill all your possible beach desires. There are long stretches of sand dotted with umbrellas and wooden walkways, there are hidden semi-desert caves and elegant old-school style urban beaches. From the north to the Algarve passing through the islands, there will always be a new Portuguese beach that will make you stay in this wonderful country. Do not lose the opportunity to visit Cascais or to enjoy a different beach at Alentejo or Comporta.

The architecture
From the traditional tiles (that is a national symbol) from a church in Braga to the Casa de Chá de Matosinhos, from the Casa da música de Porto, the Portuguese buildings exude an own style that make them unmistakable. Exploring the country finding humble and beautiful rural churches or palaces as mysterious as the Quinta da Regaleira de Sintra is one of the best plans to enjoy its particular architecture.

So, do you need more reasons to appreciate that Portugal is a fantastic country to start a new life or to arrange a new adventure involved by a magic environment and charming people? Do not think it anymore and discover Portugal, one of the happiest countries in Europe. Wouldn’t you like to be a bit happier?


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