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The importance of being a German speaker


Nowadays globalization has changed the way we face the world. Companies, countries, education or socialization have turned multicultural in lots of aspects and children have grown involved with transformation.

People move to other counties, other cultures and this is favoring the labor world. Globalization has helped to turn the world into a more open, international and diverse place. Given this situation, it is important for people to speak several languages, it can contribute to explore new ways and facilitates of international expansion.

German is one of the primary languages used in intercontinental relations and business. There are about 100 million native German speakers in Europe and many people learn it as a second language to make them more confident and impressive in the market place.

Job opportunities
Talking in a professional mean, speaking German opens many job opportunities and helps people making connections all across cultural boundaries. It’s also among the ten most spoken languages across the globe. There is always a demand for translators able to speak German and more and more companies need multilingual and competent employees with experience in other mentalities and working habits.

Enhance your professional career
Knowledge of German can enhance your professional career and boost your curriculum vitae because German language is becoming very valuable. It’s also good to have an experience in the country, not specifically a professional experience but it could help to understand foreign cultures, earn mental flexibility and make a step inside the mind and context of the culture.

Another reason to speak German: the German-speaking population has profoundly contributed to Literature and Arts. 13 Nobel prizes in literature should be a reason to learn it! Enjoying opera classics and reading masterpieces of literature or philosophy in their original language… that’s priceless.

Business opportunities
Speaking German offers excellent business opportunities, Germany is the third biggest economy in the world and it is leading corporations of the Global market. Mastering German opens the door to business, labor and cultural chances to boost your career.

So, it will depend on how determined you are and how clear your goals are. If you have a clear goal you will be constantly motivated to reach it!

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