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Tips to be more productive at work


We are currently living in an era in which work environments and the way of working has evolved. There are spaces and organizations that favor the productivity of workers and others that make frustration a clear protagonist. The noises, the colleagues, the lack of attention and the agenda organisation directly affect the productivity of a worker.

There is a tendency to create open offices, without walls or partitions, an environment that favours much the fellowship, but at the same time also to the distraction and the productivity. Workers have to regain control of time, set a purpose and work based on a specific result.

Here are tips to improve productivity at work:

Determining what is really necessary and predominant throughout the day will help reduce time pressure and achieve objectives. Being concentrated about where you have to start and what can be postponed will contribute to being more productive.

Avoid distractions
The further you have the mobile phone, unless it is necessary, the less a person gets up from the chair, the less pages you have open on the internet ... the more effective that worker will be. We must avoid the drawbacks that interrupt us while we are working. The final result will be of higher quality and will be done in less time. The sooner you finish the work, the sooner you can focus on another task and maintain a good rhythm of work.

A worker who carries an ordered agenda will surely be more productive and effective than one who does not. Having clear what tasks must be done in a day helps to organize a daily schedule, start a task, then the next and so on until the end of the day. Without this organisation the routine becomes more chaotic and it is more complicated to reach the objectives. Reviewing the agenda and updating it will help maintain this productivity over time.

Take advantage of the workday
In many cases, workers have to take work home, work on weekends, on the plane or in the coffee shop. Making the most of the hours at work makes it possible to enjoy the hours when we are away from it. If we become aware of this situation we will worry about making the most of the hours of the day at work.

Put effort in everything you do

It is obvious that not everything we do at work it’s exciting. We must ensure that what we do is worthwhile, add value to what we do and make every effort to achieve the goals set. It will help to be more constructive and satisfying.

Work in the morning
Many studies ensure that people are more productive the first hours of the day. We work quickly and in a more effective way. Taking advantage of those first hours to do the hardest work, the one that requires more concentration will help us to be more effective and generate higher quality results.

Intensive workday
It has been proved that the intensive workdays tend to be more productive than the long days. The intensive workday favours the reduction of absenteeism, increase the motivation of workers and the quality of their work. On the other hand it is also a key factor in the reconciliation of personal and professional life as it allows workers to have more personal time. The long days make workers finish more tired, stressed and unmotivated. Although it is a very important factor, the fact that in a company there is or not the intensive day is not the decision of the workers, but in many companies the schedules are becoming more flexible and productive.

The labour outlook is evolving, but workers must evolve too. Adopting techniques and methodologies that facilitate work and favour quality will improve work environments. Although there are many external factors that affect professionals, the will to be more productive will be a determining factor that helps to enliven the routine.

Written by Alba Giménez


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