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Common mistakes Job seekers make


As you may know, everyday recruiters have hundreds of curriculums to screen, dozens of interviews to organise and important decisions to make! Most probably, in order to speed up the process, on a first evaluation they will be looking for disqualification factors rather than differentiation ones. This means that you might only get “one shot” therefore you should be very careful with all the details when you are applying for a job.

It also means you should read this post and pay attention to the most common mistakes job seekers make.  You don’t want to fail before you even try, right? Regardless of the job seeking process phase you are in, this is what you mustn’t do:

  1. Too long Résumés
  2. You probably have a lot to say about yourself and it´s normal to be afraid that you haven’t written enough. But quantity doesn´t always mean quality. Thus, you should focus on what really matters, be synthetic and catchy. If you have a few work experiences or none, use only one page.  A two-page resume should only be used for people with 10 or more years of relevant job experience.
  3. Forget to adapt the Résumé
  4. Some information that is in your résumé can be appropriate for a job position but can be irrelevant for another. You should put yourself in recruiter’s shoes and evaluate which information can be omitted. Always adapt your CV, even if the job positions seem similar.
  5. Don’t research the company
  6. Please don’t go to a job interview without knowing about the company and the sector for which you are applying. In our era, all the information you need is only a click away. Use the powerful tool of the internet in your favor.

Not attending an interview and not replying to recruiters
ou might be thinking, who does something like this? Sadly this mistake is more common than you think. Even if you failed to attend an interview because you forgot about it, please find a reasonable excuse or just be honest. Any excuse is better than not saying anything at all. Consequently, if you disappear off the map, you will show lack of professionalism and you will probably be thrown out of any job position of that company.
Ineffective Networking
Networking will always be the most powerful tool to find a job, whether online or in person. Invest some time improving your LinkedIn network, your online portfolio if you have one, and other social networks that might be relevant for your curriculum.  Despite the importance of online networking, you should meet people at professional events, conferences, alumni activities, among others related to your profile.
Being too vague about your search
Avoid leaving yourself open to a lot of different jobs. Instead, focus on the right one for you. By doing so you will simplify your job search and consequently you won’t waste your time or that of the recruiters.  Also, by focusing on what you really want to do, you will feel and appear more confident about what you want to achieve.
Not practicing for the interview
A lot of candidates fail to answer the questions properly because they are taken by surprise and spend a lot of time thinking about what to say or transmit incomplete information. This problem can be easily avoided if you practice before a job interview. Read about the top 10 job interview questions and how to answer them and start practicing!
Not knowing your value
We live in an era of killing competition and, to survive, you have to differentiate yourself from others. This means that you should think about your value in the market. By doing so, you will be able to negotiate your position more effectively during a job interview.
Unplanned job search
Many people find it hard to find a job because they don’t use a strategy in their search. The trick is to be organized and methodical. Dedicate some time daily to your search and set measurable goals in order to avoid feeling frustrated. 

If you feel ready to begin your job search, you can start by applying for the positions that most fit your profile on our job offer database.


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