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Corporate Social Responsibility

Talent Search People Group supports initiatives promoted by the community where it operates. These initiatives fit perfectly with the company’s values: authenticity, humility, empathy, generosity, passion and commitment. We firmly believe that the importance of small actions can, in fact, help build a better world.
Below we provide a brief description of the philanthropic, volunteering and environmental activities where we take part in.


Vicente Ferrer Foundation

At Talent Search People Group we believe in equality of opportunities throughout the world. That's the reason why, since 2012, TSP has been collaborating with Vicente Ferrer Foundation by sponsoring a child and promoting human and
 economic development in the district of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. We offer our support in terms of
 infrastructures and other community resources such  as education, health, social integration and community development.




Since 2016, we have started collaborating with FEDAIA Foundationto help children and families at risk of social exclusion. We have participated in two big campaigns: collecting toys during Christmas (“The visible friend”) and collecting books for children during St. Jordi (“No child without a book”).



Caps for a new life - Seur Foundation

Two years ago, Talent Search People Group joined the “Caps for a new life” initiative, consisting of collecting as many plastic caps as possible to be delivered to an NGO. Through this project we help children in need access medical treatment and/or orthopaedic appliances not covered by the health system and we raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reducing CO2 emissions.



Food recollection for the DISA Project - Centre associated to Cáritas

We believe in global integration despite economic conditions. Reason why we make direct contributions to DISAan organization associated to Cáritas, that helps people from Sagrada Familia neighbourhood. We contribute with food and school materials supplies for children.



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