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Made-to-measure HR

Our Tailor-made Human Resource Management service aims to efficiently support companies achieving desired goals in their selection process. TSP International cares about fulfilling the company’s needs in a customized way, managing and searching for talent in all its forms.
The main services offered in this area are:




Assessment Center & Tests
TSP | Consulting designs Assessment Centers for companies to implement them and precisely evaluate candidates’ individual and/or group skills and aptitudes. The assessment includes a set of tests and group dynamics, picked specifically to meet the client’s needs.

Candidate Research
TSP | Consulting locates candidates who correspond to the targeted profile previously defined by the client and pre-identified on a specific market. An in-depth analysis of the profile is developed before presenting a final report going over all the information obtained.


Recruitment of Interns, Graduates & Trainees
We provide the complete management of recruitment process oriented towards students and/or graduates. These profiles are then incorporated in the company through a specific training and development program.


Prescreening and Mass Selection
We organize customized prescreening processes for companies who need to incorporate a high volume of candidates at the same time. This service includes CV screening, pre-selection of candidates and advertising job offers along with marketing tools.  

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