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Talent Search People sympathizes with Syrian refugees

It’s a reality that, for the past years, thousands of people have left behind their entire lives and been forced to embark on a journey with no clear course, in search of a stable future. In the West we know them as Syrian refugees.

Today, migration continues and refugee camps are increasingly in demand. So help is very necessary! As a result of this conflict, numerous NGOs and volunteer associations have emerged trying to offer help and support. An example of these organizations is Refugee Support, a volunteer association that offers humanitarian aid in the largest refugee camps in Greece: Alexandreia and Filippiada.

 There are approximately 60,000 people (of whom 25,000 are children) in Greece waiting for a resolution on their asylum application. Living conditions in refugee camps are unhealthy to say the least, in which not even the most basic needs are covered. The short-term goal for the volunteers of this association is to know the needs of refugees in Europe in order to improve their living conditions. Its main actions are directed towards the struggle for health, well-being and incrementing opportunities for refugees. In addition, they not only help the refugees but also the surrounding local community by buying nearby businesses to boost the economy.

We were able to interview Philippe Jiménez, Regus Country Manager in Spain, who has supported the refugee cause from the beginning.

What prompted Regus to be a Refugee Support partner?
I asked Regus to support me on my social project. The company immediately helped by offering all the necessary means. In 2016, Regus has led 244 projects in 44 countries, obtaining donations adding up to $300,000.

What do you expect to find during volunteer work in Alexandreia?
I expect to find 1,200 people locked up in a former military compound, living in very difficult conditions, with the minimum for survival but with a lot of dignity. I'm going to meet some extremely grateful people for the help we provide, with smiles on their faces and a gift of enviable generosity. I will meet people who give more than they receive: love, joy, humility and passion for life. It will be a total immersion in the fundamental values of life and a harsh dose of realism.

 With the donations you are receiving, how do donors help refugees? 
Donations serve to improve the sanitary, health, welfare and structural conditions of the field. They will serve to buy heaters, build classrooms for children to go back to school, buy clothes, food and medicine.

How would you encourage someone to volunteer?
I wouldn’t encourage anyone. This has to come from within, each with their own conscience. These people have suffered the horrors of war, they have mourned the murders of loved ones, they have faced the fear of exile and are now living the despair of oblivion in unhealthy fields. Tomorrow that could be the reality faced by any of us. I think these are strong arguments to consider humanitarian work as a natural duty for each of us. We are very fortunate to live in an area of the world where peace, freedom and abundance of economic resources prevail. However, Europe only accommodates 15% of the world's refugees against 85% of underdeveloped countries. This has to make us think.
What does a person have to do to help refugee camps through Refugee Support?
You have to be willing and prepared to give without demanding anything in return. A person who wants to volunteer in Greece with any organization has to contact the NGO through Facebook. You will receive forms, including a code of conduct, which you will have to fill out and then pass an interview. NGOs want to make sure that the volunteers are psychologically and mentally armed to support the hard-hitting experience. The volunteer has to pay for the trip, the stay, his food and health.

From Talent Search People we want to support this cause. We believe that all people deserve a chance on a dignified life, so we want to show our support to all the volunteers who are helping because they are a large number of Syrian families in Greece by making a donation.

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