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TSP Group launches a new business line: TSP International

TSP International team

Nowadays, more and more, people search for job opportunities outside their home country. Globalization of market had altered forever the business backdrop by giving new opportunities of growth and development to both companies and employees. Thus, as a result of more opportunities to expand internationally, companies, in order to be more successful, have an increasingly need to have multilingual and multicultural teams. Moreover, due to the ease of cultural exchanges and more global awareness, youngsters are more open and willing to live and work abroad.

Being a HR recruitment company, Talent Search People has a perfect understanding about the importance of globalization.  To begin with, TSP in the last years has been growing, having already a team with 110 people from more than 23 nationalities all over the world, and it won’t end here:

“We are growing exponentially each year, our aim is to continue increasing the number of recruitment consultants and focus more and more on the international market” says Cande Krause, recruitment manager of TSP International.

Besides that, TSP started to notice an increasingly demand for employees with good language skills for positions most of the time in countries other than Spain. This gave rise to the need to create a new business unit focused only on international job positions for international clients: TSP International.

 “To begin with, we want to expand our network of clients and candidates within Europe. We are working mainly with clients from Germany, Portugal, UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Benelux.”  C. Krause states.

TSP International counts with a growing team of 25 recruitment consultants focused on Retail, IT & E-Commerce and Native Speakers, international profiles. Cande Krause remarks: “This doesn’t mean that we cannot evaluate other types of profile, but for now these are the most requested by the companies. It’s very likely that in the near future we will open more departments.”

Furthermore, TSP International incorporates web 2.0 into its recruitment strategy, which means that will have a strong presence on Social Networks (namely Facebook and LinkedIn) as it already happens with Talent Search People for the Spanish market.

If your company is located at any place within Europe, and is searching for new employees within our areas of expertise, TSP International is here to help you:

 “We have more 10 years of experience in HR recruitment both on a national and international scale, and we have a proven track record working with leading companies from many different sectors and from various countries. If you want to work with us you can count on a dedicated and efficient team that will strive to lead your company towards success” the manager concludes.

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